Know what to expect.
Getting on the same level with Delooye.

Step 1

Getting on the same level.

Step one at Delooye always consists of getting to know each other. To create value for your business, we need to know your business. Where can we assist and advise you? What problems are we solving? How can we help in making your business live up to it's full potential? Getting an understanding of what needs to be done is essential here!

  • Getting to know each other.
  • Understanding the assignment.
Planning to create custom-built software by Delooye.

Step 2

Global infrastructure.

Building the general picture. Together with feedback from you we create a general layout of how the app, program, website or platform will operate, and which systems it will need to talk to (legacy or external). We like to do this in the form of easy to understand mind-maps, accessible to anyone without prior software knowledge. This helps you and us understand the crucial parts of your future system, and everything we will need to keep in consideration.

  • Determining the scope.
  • Creating a general layout.
  • Evaluating current infrastructure.
Planning to create custom-built software by Delooye.
Designing custom-built software

Step 3

Make it look good.

Time to design. One of the big advantages of custom-built software is that you can make it look any way you want. Having your colours, logo and banners inside your software is key in branding, but is also inspiring to your employees. Generally our business partners have a pretty good idea about the design they want, so we will mostly leave this part up to you. Nevertheless, Delooye has numerous connections and experience in design, so creating beautiful software will prove no problem.

  • Understanding your brand.
  • Choosing a theme.
  • Creating a preliminary design.
Employees of Delooye doing what they do the best, building custom-built software..

Step 4

Doing what we do best.

We set out with the information you have given us, and start creating the software you have in mind. We use the knowledge provided to us in the previous steps to develop everything required for constructing your program. We vow to give you the best insight possible in this step as well, in contrast to most software development companies. Access to our planning, our Agile board and our workflow regarding your project is open on the table. During this step we will work with you, continuously adapting the software to get it to where you want to be. Feedback is a gift, and we treat it as one!

  • Creating your custom-built software.
  • Transparancy during development.
  • Continous feedback to get your software where it needs to be.
Employees of Delooye doing what they do the best, building custom-built software..
Going live with custom-built software from Delooye.

Step 5

Going live.

When the software is where you want it to be, it will be intergrated in your business environment. Before going live, we will educate you and your employees on how to use the system, making you, the end user, master of your own system. When your business is ready, we go live. We will continue to monitor your software after, making sure everything is working as expected. We congratulate you on your new custom-built business software!

  • Educating your employees on how to use your new software.
  • Providing a smooth transition.
  • Setting up straightfoward monitoring.
Delooye is providing continuous support after delivery.

(Optional) Step 6

Continuous support.

The best and worst part about technology is that it is ever-changing. At step 5, we leave you with finished software, using state-of-the-art technologies. Software infrastructures are however continuously adapting to modern requirements. At Delooye we can provide you with ongoing service, keeping your software up to date, and letting you keep that edge over the competition!

  • Helping you with any and all questions.
Delooye is providing continuous support after delivery.


We look foward to getting to know you.