Meet Argus.

Optimizing your website should be your top priority.

Which, as you undoubtedly know, is no easy task. Argus is here to help. Argus is a bot, which uses powerful algorithms to scan your site, and give you a detailed report on how to improve it. It helps provide a better experience for your potential customers, and with being found on Google!

Let us demonstrate.

A sneak peak of Argus.

To show you what Argus is capable of, we set up a small demo. You provide Argus with an URL (e.g., and it scans your site for broken links. Broken links bring about a frustrating user experience, and cause your site to be rated lower on Google. Fixing these links shows that your site is up to date, and ready for new customers!

Finding optimizations for websites is a tedious task for humans, but something Argus is very easily able to do. Argus is able to scan hundreds of sites per second, and find any faults within it.


Please note: For this demo to be available to everyone, we had to limit Argus capabilities. This demo only shows the broken link scanner, and it works at a slower rate. It is limited to it's own domain, and shows max 150 links (or a max recursion depth of 2, whichever is reached first). For more detailed information about how Argus works, and what its fully capable of, click here.

Provide an URL:

This tool is not available on mobile. Please visit on your laptop or PC.

Detailed information.

For the geeks.

As said, Argus is a bot which scans websites in order to optimize them. The things Argus is able to do at this moment are:

  • HREF scan
  • Sitemap scan
  • Robots.txt scan
  • General performance and SEO measurements on the website
  • HTML search
  • Write a human-readable report that shows possible optimiziations

The scans of Argus go through your site recursively and concurrently, getting the full image while providing only the top level URL. It will check all URLs once, and when the recursion depth is set to unlimited, it will scan your entire site (provided there is at least one link to the page somewhere on your website). It also tests your sitemap and robots.txt for mistakes, and uses the contents of those to traverse your site as well.

The language Argus is written in is Go (and a little bit of Python), mostly because of the ease of implementing concurrency and general speed. Normally Argus is a CLI-tool running on a powerful server, but for the demo we dockerized a part of Argus and deployed it to Cloud Run (part of Google Cloud Platform). As of this moment, the demo is not open source, but we do plan on publishing the code sometime in the future.